MoneyStream detects your bills.

  • MoneyStream connects securely to your accounts
  • Smart technology analyzes your spending history and finds the repeating payments
  • Setup is easy – all you enter is your online account credentials

illustration of how MoneyStream works


All of your info is organized onto a calendar.

  • See everything at a glance
  • Know what’s coming up, in progress, and done
  • Easily get all the details, add or edit bills

a calendar alert on MoneyStream


See a picture of your money - in advance.

  • MoneyStream doesn’t just tell you what you’ve spent – it tells you what’s coming up
  • Link your biller’s online accounts and we’ll update amount and due date of upcoming bills
  • Easily see your income and bills for the month to see how much extra money you have

setting up a biller is easy on MoneyStream


MoneyStream alerts you of anything unusual.

  • MoneyStream combines it's expertise with your specific instructions to catch unusual activity
  • Be alerted via email, text message, and on your MoneyStream dashboard

an email alert from Team MoneyStream


See past spending and future cash flow.

  • No more creating your own spreadsheet to see where you stand
  • See past spending by category and notice trends
  • Know whether you’ll have a little extra this month – so you can pay off debt or put something away for that big ticket item

a pie chart for monthly spending on MoneyStream

cash flow for a day